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1 Site

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  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Styles
  • Fast Page Speeds
  • Great SEO
  • Automatic SEO Friendly Urls
  • and more!

up to 3 Sites

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up to 8 Sites

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  • 8 sites

Most Asked Questions

Are websites SEO friendly?
Yes! Potion creates sites that are optimized for SEO. You can set your SEO meta tags in the dashboard.
Do I need to know CSS?
No. You can make changes to your site's style with the Potion live editor. The editor allows you to make simple changes and renders the result in a live preview!
What is considered as a site?
A site is determined by having one domain like "example.com". You can have as many subpages for each site.
What is the difference between Fruition and Potion?
Fruition allows you to create a Notion website with a custom domain but Notion stills hosts it for you. So it isn't as fast or optimized for SEO. You also have to do some technical work on your own to set it up.
What is editing a site like?
When you make updates to your Notion content, your site will be updated immediately! When you make updates to your Potion styles or settings those updates will show up instantly as well! Just open up your browser to see the updates.
Why Notion?
Notion is a tool that many people love to create their content in. It also has customizable blocks that are great for websites.
Do I need my own SSL certificate?
No. Potion automatically creates an SSL certificate for your site. This gives you an https address and makes sure your website is secure.
Can I become an affiliate for Potion?
Yes! Get in touch if you are interested and we will be able to set this up for you.
What Notion blocks are supported?
You can see the blocks, forms and embeds supported here.