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Why Choose Potion vs Super?

Potion is the alternative that gives instant building feedback. Potion has a price model that allows you to have more sites for less!


What sets Potion apart from Super?

Super is a great tool and it does have a lot of similarities to Potion. But it does have some differences.

Quick Feedback

One of the best differences is that Potion gives very fast feedback to you as you build your site. When you make a change in Notion you'll see the change immediately in Potion. Whereas Super takes a couple of minutes for your changes to go live. With Potion you can see how your site is going to look instantly and it feels magical.
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Priced for More Sites

Potion has a price model that allows you to have more sites for less. Once you use Potion, you'll find that its very useful for making quick sites. You'll probably want to use it for more than just your standard website.
Have a fancy presentation that you want to share with a group? Why not make a quick Potion/Notion website where it can be accessed easily! Potion's pricing allows you to do this without breaking the bank.

No-code Style Editor

Super has some themes that you can easily apply to your site. This is nice and all but what if you want to add some of your own customizations? Potion has a built in live editor that allows you to more customize the colors and look of your site without code.
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We're Differentiating more all the Time!

The more we improve and add on to Potion the more different from super it will continue to become. We have some great features lined up. Take a look at our
Potion Roadmap

Add Magical Potion to Notion

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