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Notion is great for creating websites!

If you love Notion and write all your content there, then Notion is a great place to create your website. Instead of you going to a website platform like Wordpress, Wix, or Webflow… where you only create content every once in awhile… you can use Notion where you are really familiar with and use every day.

Pros and cons for Notion websites


  1. You don’t have to write content in CMS platforms that you don’t use often or like to edit in.
  1. It’s automatic. You change content in Notion and it updates your website immediately
  1. Notion is great at lots of data via databases and organizing content so Notion websites lend themselves well to wiki and resource type websites


  1. You are limited to the block types that Notion offers
  1. You can’t really make interactive websites (except if you use custom embeds). It’s mostly for static content
  1. Other options like Wordpress and Webflow have more addons and plugins to choose from.

Here are some websites that have been built with Notion for example. 👇

This is a blog that was created in Notion and Potion. Kahana can add new blog posts by just adding a new page in Notion.
This is a landing page that was built in Notion. It’s actually the website that you are looking at right now! 😁 Everything you see here is from Notion.
Surprisingly this portfolio website was also created in Notion! Doesn’t look much like Notion though does it? This is because Dominik used Potion to add custom styles with thier templates. Pretty cool that something like this is possible in Notion.
Notion is great for creating resource websites like this one.☝️ Because you can use Notion’s database tables to list different assets and content.
Did someone say the need help? Notion is great for help doc and wiki websites as well. This is because you probably are using Notion for documents and wiki like content in your team already anways. Now you can just turn it into a website.
This is a careers website for a company. Notion makes updating and adding job listings a breeze. It’s also a really simple thing that anyone on the team can edit.

Check out more Notion website examples 👈 for inspiration!


These Notion templates make the whole process easier

You can make your Notion website look just like the default Notion or you can get started with a template. There are templates from Notion that give you a start with the layout of the content or you can add templates that are specifically for giving your website a unique look and feel.
This is a slick portfolio template that can get you off to the races with your own website. Created by Stefan.
This is a landing page template by Fardeen. It does a great job of showing off features and includes a place for companies and testimonials.
A portfolio template by Sam. Definitely one to check out! It includes a place for blog posts and a call to action.
A Help Center template made by Potion that allows you to have search and a nice question and answer format.

Check out more Notion templates 👈 for websites!


How to create a Notion Website with Potion


1. Make your Notion page public

notion image

2. Choose a subdomain and paste your Notion url

notion image

3. Your site is generated and now you can update and add content in Notion!

notion image

Learn in more detail how to create a Notion site 👈


See how to easily create a Notion website 👉

Video preview

Create your Notion Website with Potion

notion image


Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to create a Notion website?
It depends. It doesn’t take long if you already have a Notion page setup. It just takes a couple of minutes to create a site in Potion from your Notion page. You can then take more time to customize your site. and you can take more time to create content in Notion. You can spend as much time as you want! 🙂
What kind of websites is Notion good for?
Check out this list of example notion websites. It includes different categories of websites that Notion is great for. Should give you some good ideas!
Can I make my Notion website interactive?
In general, Notion websites are great for static content websites. So websites that have content for website visitors to read. It’s not great for interactive apps. But that being said, you can create some interesting Notion websites if you know how to code. You can use the Notion api to generate data that goes into your site. you could also create custom notion widgets that could be interactive and added to your website.
Do Notion websites work well for teams?
We think so! Notion has some amazing features already included in a Notion workspace such as comments, creating content together live, and notifications. All of these features you can use as a team to create a website together.
Are Notion websites good for SEO?
If you are using Notion on it’s own, it’s not great for SEO because you can’t update the meta tags and the content is created dynamically. But if you use a tool like Potion the content is generated statically making your website faster and allowing Google to search through it better. You can also add your own custom meta tags and configurations that make your website rank better.
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