Sell a product on your Notion website

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Potion is great for many kinds of websites: landing pages, portfolios or info products. Another use case that you may want to use your Notion/Potion website for is selling a digital product. Together with Potion and Flurly this is possible!

Add your product in Flurly

You'll first need to create an account with Flurly. Other than taking 1% off the top of transaction fees, its completely free! Once you're in the dashboard, create your first product.
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You'll be directed to fill out basic info about your product such as price and description.
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Create a Product Embed Button

Scroll down to the Product Embed Button section. Should look like this 👇.
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Instead of copying the whole code block you will want to only copy the portion inside the href. This link is the same as the product url so you can copy that as well.
Now in Notion paste this as a link to text in a Callout Block or some other text.
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You can make the callout look more like a button using custom css if you'd like.

Open Stripe Checkout Page Directly

When a user clicks on your new button, currently they will be taken to the Flurly product page. Instead you can send them straight to the Stipe checkout page. This is the page where your users will insert their credit card info and complete the purchase. This is better because it takes one step out of the process. You will probably want to put your product info on your Potion site anyways.
To set this up copy the following code and paste it into Potion snippet injection then save.👇
<script src="https://js.stripe.com/v3/"></script> <script src="https://flurly.com/flurly-checkout.js"></script>
This script will convert your button into taking users directly to stripe checkout like the example below 👇.
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Thats it!

Let us know if you have any more questions.
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