How to quickly undo in Notion

How to quickly undo in Notion

Dec 7, 2022 10:23 PM
We get it. Sometimes we make mistakes in Notion. And it could be a catastrophe! You might have accidentally deleted a page or some very important Notion blocks.
No fear! There is a way to undo and get what you need back in Notion.
In this guide we will quickly show you how in all the different platforms.

Undo in web browser

In the Notion web app there aren’t any buttons for undo. You’ll just have to use good old keyboard shortcuts.
On mac: Command+z On windows: Control+z
notion image

Undo on Mac

In mac you can also use the keyboard short cut Command+z. But there is another option.
Go to the menu up top and click edit then Undo. Like so. 👇
notion image

Undo on Windows

For windows you can do Control+z to go back a few changes.

On Mobile

You can shake your phone. A little alert will pop up that you can click undo on.
Hope this is helpful in you being super productive in Notion!

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