How to Find the Perfect Notion Icons

How to Find the Perfect Notion Icons

Mar 10, 2022 06:45 PM
If you're working in the design industry, you likely need icons for your logo, product, or service. You might be thinking that finding the perfect icon or emblem is as simple as going to Google and typing in icons, but you'd be wrong.
There are thousands of icons out there, and many will not fit your needs. The best option is to find an icon creator who can design something just right for you.
Notion Icons are something that every designer needs to have in their collection. They make your design look more cohesive and help your team or customers better navigate your content.
That being said, not all icon packs are created equal. That's why we've created this helpful guide on how to find the perfect set of icons that best suit your needs.
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How To Find The Right Icons

The most important thing when choosing your icons is knowing how you're going to use them. If you want icons for different phone calls, then a set of call icons is a good choice.
This is also useful if your business involves different products or services, and you want icons that illustrate those goods or services—like a set of flat icons for food items. The options are endless but usually fall into these types (and sub-types).
If you're a developer who uses Evernote, Simplenote, Wunderlist, or Trello, you'll need good quality icons representing these services. It's never been easier to find beautiful icon sets.
There are many online resources and best practices for designers and developers regarding icons. But finding just what you need can be time-consuming. Here are some places that make searching for the perfect Notion icons fast and easy

The Noun Project

Use The Noun Project. It's a web-based icon repository where you can download over 160,000 icons. This is one of the most used resources for brainstorming and the early stages of wireframing or designing.
You can get some really good ideas here; sometimes, you'll come across an icon set that contains every type of object or thing you were looking for – and at other times, you'll realize how many different types of items are available.
So, if your designer has already used all their favorite pictures on your project and still nothing fits, give The Noun Project a try. It's also good for finding social media buttons, so make sure not to miss those.

Vyshnav's Notion Icons

Are you one of those on-the-go designers who wants access to quality icons everywhere? Vyshnav Das from VyRNDesigns offers a range of stock vectors, brushes, and pattern packs that you can use while designing your projects.
They are available in PNG format at 300 dpi with transparencies. There are also vector packs that you can customize and change according to your own needs. If you have not tried these yet, make sure that you do.
Vyshnav Das has put together one of those perfect deals for you: a 5-pack bundle of vector packs, with an additional 20% off. You can get your hands on all these beautiful vectors plus two months of free access to exclusive bundles and worksheets.
Your first purchase is free anyway - that's how confident they are in their products. And as if that wasn't enough, they offer lifetime membership options as well. This means that once you become a member of VyRNDesigns and get access to all their beautiful resources, it will remain yours forever without any extra charges.

Notion VIP Icons

VIP icons are special Notion icons that you can access in other users' shared libraries. If you're considering purchasing VIP, you might want to browse through some of these icons first and see what others have made.
Since there is no attribution required for VIP use, we recommend reading any associated guidelines for each library before using them. NOTION users can also make and share their VIPs under CC0 (Attribution not required).
So, you can find a custom icon made by one of our community members on their profile page. If you're interested in finding out who has made an icon, hover over an image in a shared library and look at the bottom right of your screen; [username] will appear next to it.

Red Gregory Icons

A comprehensive icon set with 512 icons, including 272 full-color icons, 240 outline icons, and 40 monochrome outline icons. The mono Gregory set includes black and white versions of all 272 full-color icons in Red Gregory.
These monochrome outlines can create original web graphics with just a few simple steps by combining their symbols with custom colors in Illustrator or Photoshop. In addition, there are 72 completely original solid monochrome outline notepad paper shape images included in mono Gregory.
Another great feature is Red Gregory's compatibility with Adobe Web Fonts, which means that you can use these unique symbols right away on your website.

Bold Notion Icons

The bold line of icons is our most popular series, and with good reason. This bold line boasts a variety of professions that are important in business today: accountants, executives, software developers, and so on.
The smooth curves and balanced design bring an elegance that makes your work shine in any setting. If you want an ultra-professional look that says expert without being boring, these icons will do it for you every time.
Bold icons are versatile and legible. They work great in titles, tables, websites and more. We offer a variety of formats such as PNG, SVG, and EPS files.

Erajasekar Icons

Using ErajasekarIcons, you will be able to get thousands of icons available. You can easily add icons and graphics that are visually appealing and instantly recognizable.
For instance, Erajasekar is a highly recommended icon library for your use if you want to develop a great-looking website. The collection has earned immense appreciation from users around the world and has been used by many professionals in their projects
You can download icon packs in Adobe Illustrator (.ai) format with layers grouped separately for maximum convenience. The set is also available in vector formats such as .eps, .svg, and .png and will be easy to edit later on or add effects without any loss of quality or accuracy.
It's extremely easy to use these icons, and you have several editing options at your disposal. The library offers a wide selection of retina-ready icons that look high-resolution on all devices, whether laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Use your Notion Icons on your website!

You may not know but you can actually create a website with Notion! Having great icons is even more important for this use case. Our product, Potion, will help you add more customization to your Notion site and make it a real, fully-fledged website! You can put it on a custom domain, add custom styling, change fonts and colors, add a navigation bar, and much more. If you really want the ease and flexibility of a Notion website but need more real website-building functionality, definitely try out Potion.
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