How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

May 15, 2023 08:38 PM
Digital marketing now commands a huge percentage in the advertising industry. So, if you're struggling to reach your clients virtually, setting up a website is a brilliant solution. However, there is no direct answer on how long it takes to build a website if you're confused as a new user.
A striking, eye-catching website displays WEB PAGES related to a topic or purpose for marketing or education. One web server publishes all this content under a common domain name. Hence, creating specific websites can take two hours to four months. However, certain aspects determine its initial setup and exact timeframe.
What are the aspects?
This piece will cover all the vital information and factors to determine how long it takes to build a website. In addition, there’re some amazing benefits of having one.
So, keep reading!

Why Do You Need to Build a Website?

Some traders rely on word of mouth or calls to communicate with their customers. However, it is now an everyday norm for businesses to own a website. Below are some compelling reasons to have an online presence.
  • Clients are free to access your business, order services, and products 24 hours, seven days a week without your presence.
  • Having engaging content, multimedia, and images will attract returning visitors to your site. Hence, more sales, views, and new customers.
  • It improves the SEO rankings on Google resulting from frequent searches.
  • The online presence proves the credibility and reliability of your trade. Having online contacts with a prompt response is positive feedback to most customers.
  • It motivates and encourages potential and visiting customers to make inquiries and leave comments.
  • Having a web page is a fast and simple way to answer frequently answered questions. Hence, you have less complaints and inquiries on the phone or at the office physical address.
  • It helps to save on time, costs, and energy, for example, telephone bills, transportation, and extra customer care staff.
  • The website represents the trade professionally, unlike businesses without web pages.
  • It helps advertise its services and products online to reach more people.
  • Customers access it from anywhere around the globe from the comfort of their homes or office.
  • It is user-friendly; hence, navigation and searches are easy and fast.
With the above tips, you’re now aware why most businesses with an online presence perform better. The time is now right to build a website. However, today, the market has various websites with varying contents to fasten or prolong a website's setup.
Next, our focus is on the duration of building web pages from scratch. Here're some exciting scenarios. Let's get started!
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How Long Can You Take to Build a Website?

1. Building a Website Yourself

Important Notice: Each type of website has unique contents determining its timeframe to develop
It may be a challenge for most beginners to use applications like WordPress. But with the existence of fresh, free online video demonstrations, it is a straightforward task. Pick a simple website with basic HTML code knowledge.
It will take you a FEW HOURS to erect a basic site with a few essential pages. In addition, a vast website will take you a FEW WEEKS. However, your speed and accuracy will depend on your experience and technical skills.

2. Using a Website Builder

There's no problem having no idea about various applications like content management systems and code. Website builders will offer free apps and tools alongside creating your online presence tool.
Setting up a vast website will take from a FEW MINUTES for the builder. After that, you can continue using the provided customized images and template before publishing it. So, the time to build a website will depend on its aesthetic. is a great website builder for example. With it you can build all your pages in Notion and then create a site from your content in just 3 minutes!

3. Using an Expert

It can take a bit longer to hae an expert build your site. It depends on the type and complexity. But for most experts, it takes them only 15 DAYS to THREE MONTHS for your website to start running.
Why should it take so much time?
Building a complex and extensive website takes time and money. It MUST pass various stages before completion. Furthermore, you exclude the time spent researching the design, finding builders, and designers.
There're stages to guide you on rough estimates of creating a perfect online digital marketing tool. But, before diving into your project, begin with the planning stage.
So, what is the importance of this stage?
First, it helps to determine the requirements and design. Second, you save time and fasten the buildup process once you have prior preparation. Lastly, the website needs to function well and look fabulous.
Also, at this stage, consider these aspects:
  • Consider the primary goal of your website, either increase sales or direct customers.
  • Consider how fast the project will kick off because most website experts work as per their bookings.
  • Think about the primary site map guided by some competitor landing pages.
  • The designs of menus and pages of your website are vital. For instance, a factory should have its site structural pictures, mobile, and email contact. In addition, the location and instructions on how to get there are vital.
Have a look at these four excellent web design processes!

1. Discovery Stage

It exposes the primary goal and the best way to market your business online. This process takes about three weeks.
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2. Design Phase

Here's where the general framework and structural design take place. Six weeks is enough to complete such a task.

3. Development/Visual Design Phase

Use the latest visual designs to attract customers and site visitors. The process takes about three weeks.

4. Modification Stage

This period involves the amendments and other final touches before the migration and launch, taking two weeks. In addition, here's where you spot and eliminate minor bugs and other inconsistencies.
Overall, coming up with a fantastic website will take two hours to a few months to launch. However, planning time, designing, budgeting, and expertise involved will determine its building duration. So with this guideline and a plan at hand, you're on the right path to fast-track your project.
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