How Does Notion’s Pricing Work?

How Does Notion’s Pricing Work?

Mar 29, 2022 02:45 PM
Notion is a next-generation task management tool. Notion allows you to create and track tasks, organize your projects, collaborate with teammates, and easily visualize all of your information in one place. It's available online and on all your mobile devices.
If you're looking for a new project management tool, you may have noticed that Notion's pricing structure seems slightly different from most.
Most project management software starts with the free version; Notion is no different; it offers both a free and paid option.
In this article, we'll look at the various features you can get on each plan to help you decide which one works best for your team's needs. Before diving in head-first, here is a detailed breakdown of how the Notion pricing system works.
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Summarizing Notion's Pricing Tiers

Here is a summary of the different Notion tiers and what you get for each.


The free plan is tailored for individuals. The free plan comes with unlimited pages and blocks. This plan also gives you the ability to share your work with a maximum of five guests. A sync process is made possible across different devices, and it offers API permissions.

Personal Pro

Personal pro is the second tier Notion plan that costs $4 per month if billed annually and $5 per month if billed monthly. This plan gives you all the perks available in the free plan plus a little extra. The extra perks include unlimited file uploads, the ability to share your work with unlimited guests, and a guaranteed 30-day version history. Notion offers a free trial period for all first-time users.


Seeing that Notion is built to be a collaborative team tool, it is only right that there is an offer for teams. With the team tier, you get to collaborate with your entire team under one roof. This tier costs $8 per user per month if billed yearly and $10 for every user when billed per month.
This tier offers everything you get with the free and the personal pro tiers and more. The extra perks include access by unlimited team members, collaborative workspaces for all members, dedicated sharing permissions, and full access to admin tools.


The last and the topmost Notion tier is the Enterprise data. Enterprise gives you 100 percent control and full support to run your company with no worry. This tier gives you access to all the perks from the other tiers, including the free, personal pro, teams, and enterprise.
The added perks of the enterprise tier include SAML SSO, user provisioning (SCIM), advanced security and controls, full and unlimited access to the version history. A custom contract and a dedicated success manager.
If interested in the enterprise tier, you should directly contact Notion to tailor your package to your specific needs and wants.
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Pricing Software

The most important element of pricing a software product is understanding your customers. Understanding where and how they purchase, what channels they buy from, and how much they are willing to pay for your product.
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to software pricing. A trial period may or may not be suitable depending on your audience. Think about what questions you'd like answered before purchasing your software - How many features do I need? Do I want desktop or web-based? Or both? Will I use all of these features every day? How many times a day will I use it? What kind of support am I looking for? Is 24/7 access available?
Many people find that having an evaluation period with no pressure makes them more likely to stay with your service. It can also help answer those above questions at a fraction of the cost. Other valuable approaches include bundling offerings together and offering limited trials with advanced purchases.
Additionally, price your product as you would a physical product. A higher initial price can often lead to cheaper long-term payments or costs, which can save your client money overall. You may want to consider offering a free or discounted version for specific customers and small businesses as well.
This is called freemium pricing. The premium model has also become popular; charging per user, subscription fees, etc. The most important thing to remember with any model is that these are sales prices, not development prices - don't make them too low, or no one will buy it. Your costs must be covered if you want to stay in business.
Once you have made all of these decisions, there are some tactics that can help reduce churn from price shock and increase sales conversion, such as early discounts offered before a major change/update - like moving from individual to team plans - what we call pre-announcements. Also, consider utilizing emails (both triggered and manual) to reinforce sales offers at key points during the customer lifecycle when they are most engaged with your brand.


We have seen a great deal of attention on pricing these days, specifically with SaaS companies looking to find a pricing model that is effective for both their customers and their bottom line. When first starting, it's always best to look at your competitors to see what they're charging and what they're getting in return.
This will allow you to see where you can differentiate your product and get a good idea of what people are willing to pay for in their tool. Charging more does not mean your customers will be happy with paying more, so make sure there is enough value for them at that price point as well before choosing an amount.
So, when it comes to determining your pricing, make sure you're also looking at what your customers get in return and how they feel about paying that amount. If you are providing a product that is super unique and people know they won't be able to find it anywhere else, then it may be worth charging more for. And if your competitors aren't doing something better than you or providing more value, you may want to consider lowering prices

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