5 Reasons to Choose Notion as your next Blog

5 Reasons to Choose Notion as your next Blog

May 15, 2023 08:38 PM
Notion is more than just a productivity app.
You can use Notion as a knowledge base, daily planner, and project management tool, or create a Notion blog and share it with the community.
The best thing about Notion is how easy and adaptable it is, allowing you to create many types of Notion blogs and websites. That is primarily one of the reasons for Notion’s explosive growth in popularity.
In today’s article, we'll go over 5 reasons to use Notion for blogging and take a look at some famous Notion blogs.
Before we get started, let’s look at how you can create a blog with Notion.
How to Create a Blog with Notion?
If you’re looking for a cost-free way to build a blog, then all you have to do is,
  1. Create an account with Notion
  1. Add a page to your workspace and start adding content
  1. Once done, click the share button and turn on the share to web option.
And now your Notion blog will be live!
But, there are some drawbacks to this as the free option is quite limited, the URL will not be nice and your blog won’t appear professional.
So what’s the solution?
Using a Notion website builder such as Potion.
Potion is a Notion website builder that lets you build Notion blogs within minutes. Potion works as a Notion CMS, where you just have to add your content to your site while Potion takes care of the rest, including managing databases and codes.
Now let’s look into the reasons to use Notion for blogging.

1. Notion is Easy to Use

In many instances, you can get more done if you have fewer options to select from. Notion blogs can be quite simple to maintain, especially if your blog isn't too huge. To ensure a nice, functional blog, some effort must be done.
Not only does Notion have most components required for contemporary blogs, but they are also all conveniently arranged in a component panel and available for use as soon as you press the “/” key on your keyboard.
Potion provides all the Notion components required to develop your next fully functional blog, not to mention that its pre-installed block styles, typography, and color scheme all are easy to use.

2. Ideal for No-Code Users

Notion is the ideal choice for non-techies as it offers hundreds of Notion templates to select from. Whether it's a travel, personal, or business blog, there is a perfect Notion template out there.
With Potion, you may alter the template, upload your logo, modify the background, add lovely icons, and fully personalize it to your needs without having to write any code.

3. Notion is SEO Friendly

Notion is excellent for SEO. Because of its excellent code, Notion blogs are well-liked by Google and other search engines.
The speed of a website is a critical element for SEO. Waiting for a website to load is not a fun experience. Additionally, if your website is slow, you will undoubtedly lose out on traffic. Potion is fortunately designed for speed. The majority of Potion templates available are lightweight to speed up loading.

4. Allows Integration

Your preferred third-party tools can easily be connected to your Notion pages and databases with Potion. Even without writing any codes, you can connect to these tools. For instance, to collect forms in your blogs, you can integrate Typeform or Notion Forms, and to get email subscribers you can use Mailchimp.

5. The Notion Community

One of the biggest advantages of using Notion as a blog is the community.
Whatever problem you encounter, just Google the problem, and you'll undoubtedly find a forum or Twitter discussion where someone experienced the same thing has an answer for you.
Additionally, a large community means there's a wealth of knowledge available. For instance, the Potion blog and guide share a bunch of articles on getting started with Notion.
There are many people you can ask for assistance if you ever have a question regarding any part of using the site. Connect with the Notion community on Twitter, Reddit, or other platforms, and you’ve got a fun and enthusiastic community.
Inspiring Notion Blog Examples
  • Copy.ai Help Center
More than 3,000,000 professionals and teams use Copy.ai. It is currently one of the best AI-powered copy and content writers available, and the Copy.ai help center gives access to tutorials, FAQs, and various other guides.
notion image
  • Kahana Blog
Kahana is a knowledge management system that lets you collaborate, build community, and generate income from your expertise. The Kahana blog teaches how to monetize your knowledge - from the people doing it.
notion image

Build Your Notion Blog with Potion

Customizing your website is quick and simple using Notion's drag-and-drop feature. With Notion, you can create any type of blog quickly, whether it’s personal or for business.
Use Potion to upgrade your Notion website if you want to move things along. With the help of Potion, you can further customize your Notion site and turn it into a complete website!
You can do a lot of things with it, such as adding a navigation bar, custom design, changing the fonts and colors, and more.
Try Potion if you really desire the simplicity and adaptability of a Notion website but require more robust website-building features.
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