How to create a shoutout.so wall on Potion

With shoutout.so you can add a wall of love to your Potion site. This is a wall of tweets that gives social proof to your product or service.
First add a callout block and add a cheering megaphone emoji. shoutout will replace this callout with the wall of love so put it where ever you'd like on your page.
notion image
Next you will add a shoutout.so script to replace the callout. Copy this script. 👇
<script async defer src="https://embed.shoutout.so/addpotion.js" data-wall="{your_wall_slug}"></script>
You will replace {your_wall_slug} with the name of your wall's slug. So if your wall url is https://wall.shoutout.so/potion for example, you would replace `{your_wall_slug} with potion.
Then navigate to the Potion dashboard. Jump to snippet injection and paste the script there.
notion image
Check out the example!
Now your customers will see why so many people love your product!

Thats it!

Let us know if you have any more questions.
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